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Assurer de meilleurs soins de santé grâce à des technologies novateurs

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Welcome to Medtech Canada!

For more than 40 years, Medtech Canada (formerly MEDEC), as the association representing Canada’s medical technology companies, has been working in partnership with health care providers, patients and governments to contribute to better health and more sustainable healthcare for Canadians.

Medtech Canada members are creating implantable devices, surgical tools, diagnostic technologies and many more innovations that are improving the lives of patients in Canada and around the world every day. These technologies are leading to earlier and more accurate diagnoses, less invasive procedures (meaning faster recoveries and reduced hospital stays), improved treatment options and reduced wait times, to name just a few of the benefits. The benefits offered by innovative medical technologies provide not only improved health outcomes and more efficient care and in doing so offer deliver value by contributing to the sustainability of Canada’s health care system.

Through the ongoing research and development of innovative products, Canada’s medical technology industry develops innovations that are used in Canada and all over the world, while helping to drive a vitally important sector of our economy – providing well-paying jobs to over 35,000 Canadians.

Medtech Canada and our members work collaboratively with governments and our healthcare partners on initiatives to remove barriers to patient access to innovative new technologies and it’s clear that there’s increasingly greater recognition of the immense potential that the medical technology industry offers.

Thank you for your interest in Medtech Canada.

Brian Lewis
President and CEO
Medtech Canada

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Medtech Canada est l’association nationale représentant le secteur des technologies médicales au Canada. Notre association plaide pour un accès à des solutions technologiques novatrices pour les patients en améliorant leur sort. Nos membres s’engagent à fournir des technologies médicales sécuritaires et novatrices qui améliorent la qualité des soins aux patients et permettent la durabilité de notre système de soins de santé. Le secteur des technologies médicales au Canada emploie plus de 35,000 Canadiens dans environ 1 500 établissements de part et d’autre du pays.

Bureau de Toronto

900-405 The West Mall
Toronto, ON M9C 5J1

Bureau du Québec

204, Notre-Dame O.  Bureau 402
Montréal, Québec H2Y 1T3

(514) 217-1167