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COVID-19 External Sources to Assist in Finding/Supplying PPE

External Sources to Assist in Finding / Supplying PPE

Given the current high demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) in Canada, a number of websites have been developed which seek to provide opportunities for companies to offer different types of PPE that they have available to potential buyers. Please note that if you’re seeking medical grade PPE from these sites, it’s important to ensure that company offering the product has a Medical Device Establishment Licence (MDEL) (database here), as we don’t believe that the site hosts are confirming this in most cases. It should also be noted that Health Canada is providing MDELs on an attestation basis at this time, so buyer beware is encouraged even from those that possess an MDEL. Buyers can also refer to Health Canada’s page about medical devices for use against the coronavirus to find out more about licensed products here.

Ontario government site (for Ontario-based companies)

Rapid Response Platform (also has a useful section on linking component sources for manufacturers)


ÉPI Québec

Medtech Canada’s Best Practices document regarding PPE use for our members can be found here: English & French

For those seeking PPE for use in the delivery of health care, you may want to check this resource which is a list of medical device suppliers:  https://www.ghx.com/covid-19/updates/managing-critical-supply-shortages/

Ontario Government partners with CSA Group to test and certify medical-grade PPE, including masks, surgical gowns and gloves.  For more information CLICK HERE.


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Medtech Canada est l’association nationale représentant le secteur des technologies médicales au Canada. Notre association plaide pour un accès à des solutions technologiques novatrices pour les patients en améliorant leur sort. Nos membres s’engagent à fournir des technologies médicales sécuritaires et novatrices qui améliorent la qualité des soins aux patients et permettent la durabilité de notre système de soins de santé. Le secteur des technologies médicales au Canada emploie plus de 35,000 Canadiens dans environ 1 500 établissements de part et d’autre du pays.

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